"Choosing an Online Therapist:  A Step by Step Guide to Finding Professional Help on the Web" is Gary's first book.   The book deals with multiple aspects of online therapy including 1) who is appropriate for online therapy; 2) what to look for in an online therapist; 3) what characteristics are important to have as a client in online therapy.  One reviewer stated:

"Gary Stofle has provided a pioneering work in the area of online therapy.  This  manuscript offers practical information to potential consumers of online counseling in a manner that is both informative and encouraging."  Dr. Ron Olah, Columbus, Ohio


"Chat Room Therapy" is a chapter written regarding therapy done exclusively in a chat room and looks at both short and long term treatment.  This book covers a wide range of topics concerning mental health and the Internet.   It is due to be out in July 2002.

Shavone Hamilton, an MSW student from Fordham (at the time) and I conducted part of our supervisory sessions in a chat room.  This book includes that article.  It also has a number of really good articles to help those who are in field placements.

To read the article from "The New Social Worker" included in the book "The Field Placement Survival Guide" mentioned above, click on this link:

Online Supervision for Social Workers

Gary Stofle also wrote an article concerning moral issues in the treatment of alcoholism which was published in the online magazine "Perspectives".   This article was based upon a presentation at the NASW Conference in Chicago in 1985.  It is one of the few articles that deals specifically with this topic and can be read/downloaded at the link listed below:

The Morality of Alcoholism

Thoughts about Online Psychotherapy examines the salient issues involved in online therapy (written in 1997).

Thoughts About Online Psychotherapy